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Members of the band

  Mark Galang - Piano, keyboards and synthesizers, guitars, basses, drum and percussion programing, alto and soprano recorders, melodica, kazoo, orchestration/synthestration.

General info

  Sterilium (a.k.a. Mark Anthony A. Galang, born 1980) is an unknown Filipino composer/multi-instrumentalist. Works under the name of Sterilium range from progressive rock and jazz-rock fusion to modern/postmodern classical music. Unlike typical academically bred composers of art music, Mark is about 90% self-taught in instrumental facility and 100% self-taught in composition. Apart from grade school music class, 2 years of private piano, and 3 years of private guitar lessons, a huge body of Mark's musical knowledge was derived from studies of music theory, listening to a myriad of musical works, everyday improvisation practice, the study of available musical literature, and experiences performing with various musical ensembles such as prog rock/metal bands, RnB singers, and previous membership in a church choir. Despite having no formal or tertiary level musical training, Mark has composed works that span various genres and have reasonable technical demands for performers. As Mark believes in the concept of a gift economy, most of his work has been published and made available for free.

Download free music

In Search Of Utopia n/a Download
Nina n/a Download
Storm Signals 1-2-3 n/a Download
The Depths of Sleep (Piano Improvisation) n/a Download
The Truth Does Stand n/a Download
The Virgin's Jewel n/a Download
Trial And Error n/a Download

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