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Members of the band

  Steph - Lead vocals

General info

  'Look out Britney... looks like you've got someone on your heels!' - a perfect statement. Steph is everything you could want out of a pop singer/songwriter, fresh, young and talented. Steph comes from Australia and has currently recorded her debut album 'Babygirl' which features great songs such as 'Givin up everything', 'Slow down baby' and the ever so beautiful 'Watching you'. She currently attends a performing arts school and enjoys singing till her heart's content. She has recieved great feedback from all accross the globe - from America to Israel. A great developing voice with a great future!

Download free music

Givin up everything (New version) 3.42 MB Download
Lipstick 3.17 MB Download
Naughty 3.29 MB Download
Need you 3.07 MB Download
Rock my world (Dave mix) 2.93 MB Download
Slow down baby 2.92 MB Download
Watching you 2.82 MB Download

Latest tracks

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