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stellar art wars

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Members of the band

  andy wainwright: keyboards, bass, vocals
  stephen branch: guitar, vocals, harmonica
  walter blacker: vocals, percussion
  ben blacker: bass, banjo, mandolin
  chris franklin: bass
  patrick auer: drums
  terry: percussion
  and many more

General info

  stellar art wars are essentially songwriter/producers andy and twiggy... and anyone else they can rope in. We have been together in various projects since 1995. We cover punk, pop, dance, folk, reggae and just about any other style that's been invented. and then some.
  On this site you'll find ASBO, Kevin Scott, GUTT (aka Dog Salad) Chris Pitts, RMC (Sean Roff), Gravy Train and more

Download free music

Haarlem n/a Download
Hidden In Your Love n/a Download
I don't Know Why I Am This Way n/a Download
Let's get Aquainted n/a Download
The Cruel Landlord Of Rattleston n/a Download
Voting Day n/a Download
What About Me? n/a Download

Latest tracks

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