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Members of the band

  Chaddy K - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys
  Jay D - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys
  Dreddy H - Vocals
  Jonny D - Bass
  Drake G - Drums
  Danny T - Lead Guitar

General info

  Staylefish infuses the underlying framework of reggae rhythm with a rock sensibility that crosses over into the mainstream. The six members of the band come from diverse cultural backgrounds and were drawn together by a love of reggae. Their multicultural foundation exemplifies the philosophy of reggae itself: it helps break down the barriers that divide us. Staylefish has created a universal appeal with a powerful body of original work that boasts catchy melodies and intoxicating rhythms. The band has already established themselves with a large following in the Canadian music scene. Staylefish is now ready to widen their audience to a national/international level, with the release of the new CD “Audible Addiction” (recorded in August, 2006). Their music embodies a deeply layered sound, developed through the use of horns, keys, guitars, drums and multiple vocalists. With their original melodies, energetic dubs, resonating bass, and classic Caribbean rhythm, Staylefish weaves an enticing sound that successfully enters the realm of mainstream music.

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Back in the Day n/a Download
Bullet n/a Download
Rebel Rider n/a Download

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