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State Street Snakes

State Street Snakes
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  L.(Rex Jupiter)Neuenkirk - guitars, bass, vocals and programming
  Guy Masterson - guitars, bass, vocals and programming

General info

  State Street Snakes are a guitar dominated classic hard rock duo with a sense of purpose, and that is to make rock and roll for working class people. The 'Snakes hail from Leadville, Colorado at an elevation of 10,450 feet above sea level. There are no rules above ten thousand feet!! So won't you please come and join us?

Download free music

Drifting Away 4.68 MB Download
Juke Joint Joyride 4.01 MB Download
Night Creatures 4.16 MB Download
Radio Song 4.42 MB Download
Rhythm Of My Life 3.14 MB Download
Second Chance 3.98 MB Download

Latest tracks

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