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John Wicks And The Records

John Wicks And The Records
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  John Wicks And The Records features an all-star lineup.
  John Wicks - vocals, rythm guitar, songwriting
  The Records 1st album- John Wicks-guitar Will Birch-drums Phil Brown-bass Huw Gower-guitar
  2nd album- John Wicks-guitar Will Birch-drums Phil Brown-bass Jude Cole-guitar
  3rd album- John Wicks-guitar Will Birch-drums Phil Brown-bass Dave Whelan-guitar Chris Gent-vocals

General info

  Although the original version of UK rock group The Records disbanded in the 1980s, their music continues to be a major attraction in the world of rock and roll. Their hit single Starry Eyes is still played on classic rock and college rock radio stations throughout the continents.
  John Wicks currently works as a producer/songwriter and has formed a new all-star lineup known as John Wicks And The Records. Wicks performs classic songs from his days with The Records, which he co-founded with drummer/songwriter Will Birch in the 1970s. At a John Wicks And The Records concert, expect to hear classic songs from his years in The Records in addition to all-new material.
  John Wicks And The Records continue to play sold out shows around the world, having performed with the likes of Guided By Voices, Dramarama and the Electric Prunes among others. Although they played CBGBs in the past, it seemed only fitting when John Wicks And The Records chose to perform as part of the CBGBs farewell concert series when the legendary rock and punk venue prepared to permanently close it's doors in 2006.
  Guitarist/singer, Jude Cole, was the only American to play in The Records. Today, Jude Cole produces numerous artists and co-owns Ironworks Studios with actor Kiefer Sutherland. Hailing from London, England, The Records performed with such acts as Elvis Costello, The Cars, The Jam with Paul Weller, Robert Palmer and Joe Jackson. The Records formed at the height of rock and roll in the 1970s and recorded three major label albums for Virgin Records. They released several singles including Starry Eyes, Teenarama and Hearts In Her Eyes. Albums included "Shades In Bed," "Crashes," "Music On Both Sides," "Paying For The Summer Of Love" and "A Sunny Afternoon In Waterloo."
  The songs of John Wicks/Will Birch have been covered by artists such as Mary Chapin Carpenter, Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks, Blackpool Lights, Too Much Joy, The Methadones and British rock group The Searchers, known for their 60s rock hits Love Potion Number 9 and Needles And Pins.
  John Wicks And The Records play concert halls, clubs, rock and roll radio festivals, private events, corporate parties, political functions, sports events, and most other events. John Wicks And The Records may be available for your next event!
  Albums by The Records
  Shades In Bed Deluxe CD (2002) (The Records UK) High Heels EP (1979) (The Records UK) Crashes Deluxe CD (2005) (The Records UK) Music On Both Sides LP (1983) (The Records UK) A Sunny Afternoon In Waterloo CD (1988) (The Records UK) Smashes Crashes And Near Misses CD (1988) (The Records UK) Paying For The Summer Of Love CD (2001) (The Records UK)
  Albums by John Wicks
  The Beatles Tribute CD featuring We Can Work It Out cover by John Wicks Solace In Wonderland CD (1994) (John Wicks And The Records) Rock 'Ola CD (1998) (John Wicks And The Records) Of Hands And Hearts: Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund CD (2005) (John Wicks And The Records) Rotate CD (2007)

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