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Members of the band

  Starky - plays bass, piano, acoustic guitar. Most music is done completely with a synthesizer though.
  Coalconvertor - part-time member, plays bass and piano.

General info

  Not much to say really. My life is governed by Murphy's law. If anything bad can happen, it will. Thus, I decided to make a soundtrack for it, so that other people could share in all my pain and sadness. The music itself is mostly ambient, darkwave or a genre I like to call "symphonic-industrial"
  Coal's project Negative Eye is now in full effect. check him out at
  Not much news, I guess. planning on adding lyrics to an extended version of "waste" we'll see how that goes.

Download free music

Acceptance 3.57 MB Download
BlackHearted Goodbyes 2.73 MB Download
Love Ignored 3.49 MB Download
Not So Much Where Home Is, As When Home Is 2.37 MB Download
Rip Yourself 2.55 MB Download
The Inevitability of Pain 3.46 MB Download
Waste 2.67 MB Download

Latest tracks

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