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starless sweden

starless sweden
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Members of the band

  Erik song guitar programming
  Allan drums programming
  Johan bass song

General info

  Back in business - same stars, new constellation
  It all started again, by accident as it were; there were posters all
  over town: german
  syntesizerguru at the local rockvenue. The rumour started spreading
  this guy is something special, so we decided to go of course.
  The place was packed, everyone was there, big expectations-not least
  from all the musicians in the crowd. And finally, the man was on stage,
  big beard! and started playing, or?
  It didn t sound too good, not good at all actually. We looked around
  but everybody else
  were grooving and talking about how intelligent this guy were.
  We on the other hand started to grew suspiscious, he reminded us of our
  old friend
  Allan. Well it was, fake beard, make-up, syntesizers, the lot, making
  fun of us
  rock n rollers, pretending to be the rival of Kraftwerk.
  We laughed like hell.
  and thought: play again, why not?
  By the way, he got great reviews in the papers.
  So wherever you go, there you are.
  Erik: Vocals, guitar, programming
  Allan: Drums, programming
  Johan: Bass, vocals

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