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Members of the band

  DJ LUVBUG and SUGA MAMA present an eclectic/old school flow of tunes from a vast collection of rare vinyl (approximately 6,000 LPs) and well-known hits from the music era between the years of 1970 and 1990. The Spoken Orgasm Show brings the forgotten hits and little known finds back to life by strategically mixing them with known hits, cool effects, and spicy commentary from DJ LUVBUG and SUGA MAMA. This show also formulates individual mini mixes and presents them online as “show teasers” to help advertise the show and to prepare regular listeners for the next show to come.
  In addition to the fine grade of music this show presents, The Spoken Orgasm Show (also known as The Spoken (O) Show) also showcases spoken word/poetry as a regular part of the show. Spoken word artists and poets that perform their erotic works on the show are highlighted and their poetic artistry is heightened by DJ LUVBUG’s innovative music mixes serving as the backdrop. This show allows established and amateur artists to perform their works and be exposed to a global audience. DJ LUVBUG and SUGA MAMA also perform original poetry pieces and custom skits for each episode.

General info

  The Spoken Orgasm Show is a groundbreaking podcast targeted to an audience that appreciates good music, spoken word/poetry, and super-hot commentary with an erotic theme from the show hosts DJ LUVBUG and SUGA MAMA. This show sets the mood for mental (and possibly physical) erotic stimulation all controlled by the parameters of the individual listener(s).

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THE SPOKEN ORGASM SHOW skit 1 n/a Download
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