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The Splashing Blumpkins

The Splashing Blumpkins
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Scott Rutan: Guitar, Vox, Beating Off
  Jughead McAnus: Guitar, Vox, Shitting
  Larry Rutan: Bass, Vocals, Drinking
  Chris Boston: Production, Management

General info

  The Splashing Blumpkins are innovators in today's music scene. They invented a new genre in rock...Toilet Rock aka Brown Metal. Their songs invoke thought (and sometimes violent illness) in those who listen.

Download free music

Splashing Blumpkins - Arse 4.60 MB Download
Splashing Blumpkins - Born To Corn (demo version) 3.41 MB Download
Splashing Blumpkins - Butt Plug 4.64 MB Download
Splashing Blumpkins - He Skates Therefore He's Gay 5.23 MB Download

Latest tracks

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