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Members of the band

  Jez Yates - Composer, All Instruments
  Grahame Brett - Didge
  A range of guest vocalists

General info

  psychedelic and new age music to lift your spirits,touch your emotions,and talk to your inner self and passions.This is music for those who love to dream and let themselves be taken on a journey where their only limitation is their own immagination.The music is a mixture of both uptempo and downtempo tracks,all accompanied by the didgeridoo.Music by Jez Yates,Didge by Grahame Brett.We are confident you will hear something quite unique here, unlike any kind of spiritual world music you have encountered before. We hope you enjoy it.

Download free music

Comets n/a Download
Dancing On Planets n/a Download
The Journey n/a Download
The Rain Symphony n/a Download
Touching The Light n/a Download
View From The Top Of The World n/a Download

Latest tracks

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