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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  hemi - left wall of distortion
  sooke - unconsciousness feeling
  stiina - harmonic landscape
  driver n - ruiner of harmonics
  jeff rude - right wall of distortion

General info

  Spiral's early roots go back to summer 1999 when
  songwriter and guitar player Hemi bumped into
  another songwriter and guitar player J. Rude at
  a party and they started to talk about music.
  Guys found out they had a lot in common. Both
  were innovative and imaginative songwriters, both
  hadn't been playing in a band for a while and both
  were eager to start one.
  It took six months before Hemi contacted Jeff again
  and suggested they should do something for the matter.
  They met and slipped each other demo cds of the songs
  they both had been writing. Hemi brought along a friend
  of his called Sooke, solid man of rock, who was a bass
  player. They all listened to the demo cds at home and
  came to the conclusion that this could be some amazing
  rock 'n' roll...
  Guys started to play together soon after that. Still
  the singer and the drummer were missing. It wasn't until
  several line-up changes with different vocalists and
  drummers during 2000, that things really started to fall
  in place for the band. In February 2001 new female vocalist
  Stiina with attitude and voice joined the all-male band
  and energetic drummer Driver Nielsen, who Sooke knew from
  the past, joined the band couple of days later. And Spiral was born.

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Grabbing the air 5.95 MB Download
No re-play 5.23 MB Download
Sweetest nightmare 6.30 MB Download
Until we meet again 7.03 MB Download
You never touched my heart 5.27 MB Download

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