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Members of the band

  Juze-guitar, backing vocals

General info

  We started out as a punk-meets-metal-meets-noise-meets-attitude, but nowadays we're kinda slipped more to the metal side of things. So just switch places with metal and punk and there you have it.
  The tracks: Back Home, Blame, Boredom & Pieces are from our first demo and therefore they kinda suck. Not really, but our newer songs are much more heavier and tighter and most important: much better. I know everybody says that about their newest, but we really mean it. Just listen to the tracks Reborn, Sinner & King. From our second demo, recorded in Feb. 2006.

Download free music

Back Home Tonight n/a Download
Blame It On Me n/a Download
Boredom Blues (Break Away) n/a Download
King Of My World n/a Download
Pieces Of The Night n/a Download
Reborn n/a Download
Sinner's Song n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks