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Members of the band

  Mysti Mayhem, Guitar Vox.... Mandocello, Mandocello Vox...

General info

  Writer Spellbound by Spellbox
  Avenue Writer for The Alligator Gainesville, Florida
  Jammin' out the rock in the dark taverns of Gainesville is a duet guaranteed to stimulate your ear holes.
  The band Spellbox is composed of Mysti Dawn Mayhem and Shawn Spencer - two people who play as one, sound like 5 and captivate all. Mayhem rocks the guitar and Spencer rules the mandocello - a rare breed of mandolin he builds himself.
  There's no doubt that Mayhem's voice ranks high among the stars, comparable to Janis Joplin with a Tori-Amos-inspirational feel.
  Combined, the duo attacks the stage in a synchronous brilliance without one flaw of miscommunication.
  Their album, "Egyptian Death March," is worth adding to your collection of Gainesville bands that actually "made it".
  Spellbox toured to Los Angeles and back - returning to Gainesville last April of 2005. For a "behind the scenes" of their interaction with Kyle Gass & Tenacious D, e-mail them. Their next album, which is currently being recording in Nashville, TN by Cactus Moser of the esteemed Highway 101, featuring Curtis Stone on selected bass tracks, Scott David on lead guitar, & Cactus on drums, will be flown out with Miss Mayhem to L.A. where Kyle will produce alongside John Striker in the D's studio.
  Look out for their new album, "A Long Way to Rock", due out mid-November, 2005.
  Spellbox is a true rock band, acoustic yet electrifying.

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