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Spectrum Flow

Spectrum Flow
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Members of the band

  Clarkie - Vocals and guitar
  Dika - Guitar
  John - Bass
  Grant - Drums
  Gricey - Keyboards, synth, guitar and percussion

General info

  Formed in 2002 and hailing from Newcastle England, Spectrum Flow meld a wide range of influences to produce a brand of space rock that strives to be different.
  The tracks you'll hear on this page are home recorded demos. A first studio recorded EP will soon be available.
  All tracks
  (c) 2003 Spectrum Flow
  (p) 2003 Spectrum Flow

Download free music

In Your Mind (Demo Version) 1.52 MB Download
In Your Mind (Live) 1.80 MB Download
Leap of Faith (Demo Version) 2.27 MB Download
Said in the Hand (Demo Version) 1.87 MB Download
Social Cemetery (sack the producer demo) 1.56 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks