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Unused Valentine

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Members of the band

  Three Jackass Guys seeking glory!
  Formerly Known as Spectacle Trio,Unused Valentine has new and fresh line-up.
  Set up in year 2003, the Unused Valentine(Spectacle Trio)has been playing in several local scenes including one at Sunset Bay Bar Sentosa where the top youth local bands was gathered for a local charity drive.Unused Valentine intends to go on further in the music scene making success along the way, composing own songs so as to boost the morale of their band without having to play established bands songs.

General info

  Band consists of Syamin taking the part on bass and vocals,Shayfiq taking the part on guitars and vocals and Imran taking part on drums.We're a band that cares nothing about genre,we play what we like.just finished recording our first demo song,'Lost In Jakarta'.Its crucial to make our local music scene rise to the,that's our mission right now.

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Lost In Jakarta(demo) n/a Download

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