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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Anze Iglicar, Aleksandra Cermelj, Daniel Lovsin

General info

  SOUNDTRAP, a new addition to the electronic clubbing scene of 2004. Memebers of the band are Aleksandra Cermelj , Anze Iglicar, Danijel Lovsin.
  All three of them have been involved in music production from a young age.
  Aleksandra started ther singing cereer at the year of 12 while singing at different festivals. In 2001 she won the MMS festival award in Slovenia. She collaborated with different musicians mostly funky, rock and Jazz. She also performed as a violinist and studied singing in Italy. She currently finished her first year of Music Conservatorium in Celovec, Austria.
  Alexandra's role in Soundtrap is arrangement of vocals, developing music backgrounds and violine performance.
  Anže Iglicar is a self-tought music artist. He only spent a day in the music school and decided to do music 7 years later. As a kid he was listening to late 80s pop, where electronic instruments were extensively used. The music inspired him to  purchase his first synthesizer in 1995, which was the beginning of his production path. He is collaborating with different music enthusiasts and invents new ways of creating and controlling the sound through different techniques. His first products were acid techno, hardcore/rave based. He recorded live bands, tv and radio commercials and composed/produced music for different purposes, artists and multimedia projects. Through his production he mixes elements of funky clubbing and progressive deep house, electro and broken beat.
  He was memeber of  Doubleface team with Borut Margon, who has been currently releasing works at Resopal label.
  His path crosses with Daniel Lovsin, the president of the local philharmonic orchestra who has been an active musician for many years. Member of the Entropy group, which was one of the local pioneers of dance music in early 1993. An artist influenced by Chic, Simply Red, Jamiroquay plays accords while creating a deep house sound. In the past he has been producing Jungle and Drum n Bass, dance, acid and progressive. Due to the diversity of the members, the sound of Soundtrap results in an eclectic mix of electronic styles. Their up-coming works will still be club/dance based with undefined, but very appealing sound path.

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