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Members of the band

  Al(x.a) - vocals,guitars all sort of creative stuff
  Disa - drums, arrangements
  Maxxx - bass
  Palikka - guitars

General info

  Basically Iīve chosen our music genre as metal, but in fact it dwells somewhere between metal, punk and something else that I canīt correctly describe... imagine a mix of Paradise Lost, the Exploited, Sepultura, Bloodhound gang as well as my individual seeing of life.... On stage you never see the same band: our show always depends on the mood we are in at the very moment sometimes we use additional musicians or dancers or whatever.... we play for public but I sing just to myself....

Download free music

Дверь,Дверь 3.93 MB Download
Disastrous Waiting n/a Download
I Don't Want 1.83 MB Download
Lies (Belka cover) n/a Download
Tak&e (demo unmixed) n/a Download
Tana 2.71 MB Download
The Last Goodbye n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks