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Members of the band

  Piotr Gornicz/SonicVirus
  Project 5, Cakewalk Pro Audio9,
  Sample Tank,S Synth, Dimension Pro, Rapture, Albino 3, Cakewalk SONAR 5, Reason 3,E-MU Audio Production Studio, A Audition,, Spectrasonics Athmosphere, Stylus, Absynth3, z3ta+, Arturia Analog Factory, Korg M1/Wavestation
  Dual Core PC Computer, Alesis DM5 Drum Module, E-MU Proteus FX Sound Module, Samson Servo-170 Studio Amp, Samson MDR 1064 Mixer, Samson Resolve 65 Near Field Studio Monitors, M-Audio 88es keyboard midi controller, Roland PC-200 keyboard midi controller,MOTU 8Pre, Samson C-Control, TC Helicon VoiceWorks, AKG C1000S Mic

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Anex To A Dream n/a Download
Scent Of The Distance n/a Download

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