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Sonic Freedom™

Sonic Freedom™
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Members of the band

  Few artists in history have achieved sonic freedom. Only one artist in history has become Sonic Freedom™

  Tim Mainka is Sonic Freedom™ - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, plus...

General info

  As Lenny Kravitz says/sings, "You just got to believe"...

   Tim Mainka believes.

   Lenny Kravitz achieves sonic freedom writing, arranging, recording all instruments and lyrics...So does Tim Mainka.

  "Thanks again for reinventing the vibe...your group should have no problem garnering the attention it deserves for long enough to sustain several offers to record for, publish, license, and release many of your works into the world markets. Sale (Sail) on!...You should be well on your way to success soon. Keep on crankin' out the hits!"- Zip,

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