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Members of the band

  Devora Buzil - Percussion, Vocals
  Eliza Perry- Vocals
  Kirrily Keayes- Vocals
  Ramsey Gouda - Vocals, Guitar
  Mark Mattucci - Drums, Percussion
  Kenton Muschenheim - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
  Claude Bauschinger- Bass
  Dan Leali- drums

General info

  SOLAR TRIBE uniquely combines sounds from around the world – the Far East, Celtic cultures, the Middle-East – within the modern pop/rock paradigm. Soaring Female Voices, Melodic songs flavored by hypnotic guitars, drum loops and vocal chants creating a sound that is simultaneously ancient
  and modern.
  SOLAR TRIBE hails from Chicago, but has musical roots and hearts from around the world. The band frequently plays full houses at Chicago’s Metro, House of Blues, Martyr’s and The Double Door. In March, they released "Enlightened Paramecium," an 8 song EP, to a sold-out crowd at Metro. The EP includes tracks from their first full-length CD "Conscious Pilot," which will be available later this year. "Enlightened Paramecium" was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Michael Vail Blum (Madonna, Bryan Ferry, Pink Floyd, Jewel, Infectious Grooves). They Are currently working on the full length follow up, Conscious Pilot, in Chicago for Release fall 2001.

Download free music

Big Bang 4.36 MB Download
Gurudev (demo) 3.25 MB Download
Om 5.11 MB Download
Wherever I Go 4.19 MB Download

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