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Members of the band

  Anthony Stavljanin
  Leigh Nelson
  Martin Konings
  Jason Gann
  Shane Dowsett

General info

  Sofamecca return to release their latest collection of widescreen urban mixes under the title 'Commuters'.
  On this new outing we discover a joyfully moody and darkly compelling view of urban life - eleven tracks of lush guitars, unruly beats and precocious synths providing the backdrop for the late night melancholy of tracks like 'There and Then', to the tongue in cheek musings of 'Omar Sharif' and wistful romanticism of 'Saturdays'.
  Once again produced and recorded by Sofamecca, 'Commuters' takes the listener on an intriguing journey into their experimental DIY landscape and at times plays like a modern day 'spaghetti western', with several tracks already earmarked for upcoming film projects including the new Australian film 'Rats and Cats' from the producers of the movie 'One Perfect Day'. For the adventurous at heart, Sofamecca offer another unusual but remarkable release...
  Courtesy Floodboy Records
  Visit for more info...

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Ashen n/a Download
Dead Waitress n/a Download
Forest Fires n/a Download
Last Man n/a Download
Omar Sharif n/a Download
Poster of You n/a Download
Sideshow n/a Download

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