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sleeping nations

sleeping nations
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Members of the band

  russ perkins - guitar, vocals
  tina judy - bass, vocals
  nate perkins - guitar, vocals
  jeremy judy - drums, vocals

General info

  (May 2001) In Chicago, Illinois Tina Judy and Jeremy Judy simutaniously burn their hands on a frying pan while making dinner. 987 miles away in Laconia, New Hampshire Russ Perkins and Nate Perkins feel a severe pain in their hands.
  (Feb 2004) After playing in the bands Beaten Down Witness (NH) and thebeforepicture. (OR) the four people were mysteriously drawn to a secluded practice spot in the "Fellony Flats" area of Portland, Oregon. They all picked up instruments and found that they were able to play together. (July 2004) Deciding that the name 'tinajudyrussperkinsjeremyjudynateperkins' wouldn't fit on a sticker the four decided to collectively call themselves 'Sleeping Nations' and play outside of the practice space. At that very same moment, clubs around town were booking bands to fill up opening slots... Are all of these events the result of amazing coincidence or possibly something much more elaborate? See Sleeping Nations and decide for yourself.

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