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A SkoolCraft Entertainment

A SkoolCraft Entertainment
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Members of the band

  Rick Negrete (Producer)
  Rod Hunt (Producer)

General info

  SkoolCraft Entertainment is a full production house located in southern California. We produce music from different genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and much more. If you need beats for any of your projects or simply for just a demo, we can help. You can visit us at or contact us at (619)307-4624. If you are interested you can start by hearing some of our samples right now.

Download free music

SkoolCraft_Beat_1 n/a Download
SkoolCraft_Beat_2 n/a Download
SkoolCraft_Beat_3 n/a Download
SkoolCraft_Beat_4 n/a Download
SkoolCraft_Beat_5 n/a Download

Latest tracks

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