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Skeleton X

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Members of the band

  SKELETON X, from Fredericton NB, Canada, existed from January 1992 to July 1993:
  GUITARS - John Mersereau, Chris Murray, Kurt Goltz, Robb Chessie, Kevin Brennan
  KEYBOARDS - Kevin Brennan
  BASS - Steve "Stevie 'D'" Duggan, Jo Petite
  VOCALS - Martin Warren
  DRUMS - Chris Flanagan, Greg Smith, Ted Hamilton

General info

  SKELETON X gradually developed from a series of jams in 1990 and 1991. The 'band' at first went under the working names "Tin Jeunesse" and "Bigmamaplumsauce", and included the exiles (hence the 'X') of five late '80's Fredericton-area and region indie groups (Scream Theatre, The Druids, Hector's Body, Penguins In Bondage, and Jade).
  The band line-up usually included 6 or 7 musicians, and the band sound ranged wildly from the hypnotic psycho-grunge of its early songs like "I Was Thinking", "Beware of the Sphinx" and "Sinister Fellowship" to the later proto-punk "Doper Daddy" and the funkier "Time Out".
  Part of the reason for this variety was that the songwriting in the band was usually done by individual musicians or collaborations between two or three band members, and then brought forward to the rest of the band as a 'fait accompli'.
  SKELETON X suffered from constant bouts of factional and financial strife, and marked differences in opinion on musical direction, and the band split in July, 1993. Most of the band members have continued to write and play music, either as solo performers or in new bands.
  The SKELETON X canon drew together more than 50 original songs during its year-and-a-half existence.

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Beware of the Sphinx, pt 1 (Warren/J. Mersereau) n/a Download
Beware of the Sphinx, pt 2 (Warren/J. Mersereau) n/a Download
Cigar Doll Woman (S Petite/J Petite/Goltz/Warren) n/a Download
Doper Daddy (Warren/Chessie) n/a Download
I Was Thinking (Goltz/Chessie/Warren) n/a Download
Time Out (Brennan) n/a Download
Wishing Well (Brennan/Warren) n/a Download

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