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Members of the band

  Tomi Vähäkangas, vocals
  Aki Pistemaa, guitar
  Atte Palokangas, drums
  Johannes Kari, guitar
  Ville Kanniala, bass

General info

  Sinity was founded from the ruins of DreaMRealM in 7.5.2003 by Aki Pistemaa, Atte Palokangas and Tomi Vähäkangas.
  Soon after Sinity was founded, Johannes Kari joined the band to play guitar. Aki Pistemaa started to write new songs, that are more aggressive and harder than the music of Dreamrealm. Sinity plays melodic death metal in deep C.
  Session bassist Jari Joensuu was replaced 1.7.03 when Ville Kanniala joined band.

Download free music

Dead Man's Speech (livedemo) 4.48 MB Download
Hypocrite (livedemo) 3.22 MB Download
Moonlit Horizon (live) 3.06 MB Download
Moonlit Horizon (livedemo) 3.28 MB Download
My Darkness (livedemo) 3.91 MB Download
Prophecy Of Eternity's End (live) 3.51 MB Download
Soul Shepheard (live) 3.00 MB Download
Victim #4 2.70 MB Download
Victim #4 (livedemo) 2.96 MB Download

Latest tracks

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