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Silver Pharoah Productions

Silver Pharoah Productions
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Members of the band

  Kaleal Crooks
  One Term
  ILLegitimate Voices

General info

  We are a trio of emcee's and poets. As independent artists, we handle all of the business with Silver Pharoah Productions. This including composing the instrumentals, writing lyrics, recording, mixing/pre mastering, distribution, customer service, and everything in between.
  If you are looking for beats, need help promoting yourself, or just want to collaborate, holla at us.

Download free music

Cant Feel It n/a Download
Dirt To Pavement n/a Download
Goodbye Sunshine n/a Download
Pop The Trunk Volume 2 Sampler n/a Download
Shh n/a Download
Stay Strong n/a Download
Stranded n/a Download

Latest tracks

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