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Members of the band

  Samuel Sjöman: Vocals
  Ossi Hytönen: Guitars
  Sami Romppainen: Drums
  Jere Mönkkönen: Bass

General info

  Artist description
  Silvercold, the band in a flow of rock/alternative influences, has releashed their first promo-cd in december 2000.This recording, simply titled "Silvercold", includes "blind jason", played in finnish Radiomafia. Best description can be found by checking out audio clip from this site.
  Press reviews
  " Silvercold emerges with its fluent alternative/metal sound,knocking out a great number of band in its genre, including U.S. Cathcy tunes, although not too obvious, are a result of composing with patience and time. Sending the chords out with a massive beat, taking them back by a flowing voice, it is a outcome of a feeling called kissing the sky or silvercold." - review taken from Radiomafia´s Upteekki, Finnish number 1 rockprogram for new promising bands, in december 2000 -
  Musical influences: Incubus,Pearl Jam,Deftones,Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat,Kauko Röyhkä,U2,The Smashing Pumpkins,Tool,Soundgarden,Faith No More, Alice In Chains,Black Sabbath,Ozzy Osbourne,Blind Melon, Kyyria,Qotsa..Foo Fighters ,Korn..And many more!!
  Silvercold New record come out November 2002, called "Mourning Cloak" includes Three fabulous songs!See ya!!
  now you can get our new cd-ep, please check out our official

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Alone 3.44 MB Download
Mourning Cloak 7.05 MB Download

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