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Silent Assassins

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General info

  The Silent Assassins are two aspiring young MCs, representing Littleton, Colorado. Their names are Krazy & The Undastudy. Krazy who is 20 years old has been rapping since he was nine. The Undastudy who is 19 years old has been rapping for 3 years now. "Our main goal is to stay focused and give people what they want, but at the same time we gotta keep it real", Krazy. The Silent Assassins originally formed in 1998. Krazy and a rapper named Money began working together and shortly after Money introduced Krazy to his homeboy named The Undastudy. The Undastudy began rapping with the two and eventually he became the third member of the group. Money unfortuantely got caught up in some legal issues and had to do some time. Krazy and the Undastudy began working on new music and they kept it moving for about a year until Money returned. When Money got back he didnt seem motivated or focused to do music anymore and he slowly began to talk to the other two less and less. "Hey he had a lot of things he was going through in his life", says Krazy, "But we all do, and I feel he will eventually come back to music and be the way he was before". Ever since Krazy and The Undastudy have been holding it down for The Silent Assassins and Denver, Colorado.

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Gangsta Twist n/a Download
In Too Deep n/a Download
Interlude n/a Download
Round My Way n/a Download
Silent Souljahs n/a Download
We Some Souljahs n/a Download

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