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Shun Ward

Shun Ward
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Members of the band

  Shun Ward - Vocalist

General info

  Biography of Shun Ward
  Christopher DeShun Ward was born on February 16, 1988 in Tyler, Texas. He is the only child to his mother is Pamela Ward. Shortly after his birth, Shun’s mother relocated to Houston, TX.
  At 3 years old his mother and great grandmother discovered that he loved to sing. He had an incredible voice and a talent for remembering church songs. At 5 years old he was invited to sing and travel with the New Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church Choir. They performed at many churches around Houston. As they traveled, Shun became known and respected around the community for his strong voice and singing ability. At 7 years old his great grandmother (who was one of the church organizers) asked if he would like to become the lead singer of The New Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church choir. Of course, Shun was excited to take on the responsibility.
  At 9 years old he started performing at talent shows around the north side of Houston. He would go on to win a youth choir competition at Forest Brook High School where he competed against 14-15 year olds.
  At 14 years old Shun would compete at several different talent shows and started to experiment with writing and recording his own material. Unfortunately, as he honed his writing skills he would also become influenced by the streets. His grades declined terribly, he started smoking weed, and selling drugs. At 17 years old Shun and his mother moved to Nachadoces after his great grandmother passed away. Shun was distraught.
  At 18 he joined a group called the Get Some.
  At 19 he joined a group called Smash Click. He helped write several songs with the Smash Click.
  At 21 he went to jail for a year. After he was released from jail he vowed to change his life and get back into the things that he loved most; singing, writing, and recording.
  At 22 he asked his uncles for help in making his dreams come true. Together they formed GruvSoul and Shun Ward, the artist, a new star was born.

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Shun Ward - Dying For Love n/a Download
Shun Ward - No Ordinary Love n/a Download
Shun Ward - Tell Me Do U Wanna n/a Download
Shun Ward - Uptown n/a Download
Shun Ward - Whats Your Name n/a Download
Shun Ward and Cassie - Balcony n/a Download
Shun Ward and Flame - Shed Tears n/a Download

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