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Members of the band

  Jeffrey Leclair

General info


"Shirtlifter comes up trumps with an intoxicating mix of house
  and melodic driven club dance music.
  "Light My Fire" is the bomb! Turn it up but make sure your
  speakers can cope!"

  -A&R Magazine, USA

  "Light My Fire, has got to be one of the kickenest-groovy-beats to pull a House song that I have heard in along while. I'm of the opinion, if you are going to dance and groove, or listen at a loud party, ‘W’ the EQ and you're set. Do that here and you had best have some damn good woofers… or you may not have any thing left of them but shreds. No distortion here, just straight, pure, thump that will probably make the thickest of speaker cones seem like tissue paper.

  The beat is just one of a few good points that form this song. The actual House feel seems a little old style, but the overall effect is fresh, and strong, enough that you can’t help but rock to it. I have caught myself, on more than one occasion, starting to bounce and be-bop around in my chair.

  The vocals come across very clear and powerfully. They are a great element of the song. The effect on them is cut too short in a few places, but that is not really an issue, or damaging to the song. They do seem just a little over used, but only if you are concentrating on them all of the time. But at the same time, they keep the simplicity of the song from getting into a boring mode.

  A worse, but also not harmful, *bad-effects* condition, is where the music transitions abruptly, into totally dry sounds. This causes a very deadening effect that seems just outside of the range of, used properly. It provides change, is somewhat attention grabbing, but just a wee-bit too much. Then, there are the slight pop's in the percussion. This is either intentional, or else a slight sample problem. Either way, it is something that lightly takes away from the real range of sound contained in the drums. A listener, intent throughout, will take notice, but probably not a casual fan.

  It is a difficult thing, to pull off something that can make you ignore any and all problems in a song, the way this one does. You have a sound here, with a moving feel and funk that reeks of greatness."

  -Loren McDonald, Gods of Music, USA

  "Shirtlifter was a virtual unknown until this year, now with a barrage of House releases due this year and next, watch out, this guy could be the next Barry Harris and quite possibly the follow up to Hatiras! More commercially driven House sound with mainstream clubs in mind."

  -Jason Thomas, Klublife Magazine, Toronto

  "Shirtlifter's first dj residency was at the early age of 18. later he was to team up with uk dj Paul Walker to pursue more underground musical tastes. Now solo, shirtlifter continues making music on the Eastern Bloc label (set up by mancunian Paul Walker) and remixes, all from his home base in Toronto.

  The shirtlifter songs vary from hard hitting disco house to almost tribal rhythms, with a slab of techno house thrown in for good measure, and you can almost feel the sweat of the dancefloor as you listen to them.

  And there are certainly enough songs to keep you occupied, either on the Shirtlifter site or his own site. Shirtlifter claims to take influences from, amongst others, Cameo, Boney M, David Bowie, Parliament (who doesn't!) and William Orbit.

  For a slice of refreshing house music, check out the songs available for download on the Official Shirtlifter site at or at"

  -Up Close, Bulaka, UK

   "If you want to hear good house, listen to "Gid Up (a gogga maha)". It starts out sounding as if something came out of Armand Van Helden's studio. Strong beat abd bass, with great (and sometimes funny) vocals ("Oh sweety I don't wanna dance right now, I just wanna watch you"). Very catchy melodic house."

  -DJ Sky, Club Virtual, UK

  "High-energy House tracks equipped with pumping beats and speaker-busting basslines. Catchy vocal clips loop in and out of each driving, acid-lined mix."

  -Melissa Piazza, , USA


  "Bangin beats!"

  -Bad Boy Bill, USA


  "Slammin' Guy"

  -Peter & Tyrone ,Toronto


  "Bloody Wicked!"

  -Anne Savage , U K

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