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Members of the band

  Marine Anderson - lead vocals
  Neil Bell - bass and background vocals
  Jeff Fairbank - guitar and background vocals
  Matt Pavan - drums

General info

  Shine brings the emotion of their music to the West Coast, the unveiling of a new rock voice. This breakout band from Vancouver is quickly becoming known for their passionate vocals and tight musicianship. "Time will lend a hand", is one of the best "break-up" songs in recent memory; "I feel great, And then I catch a ghost in my eye - A voice says there's two of us, but one won't survive". Shine is a better than average band and their music is one incredible journey, that needs to be experienced.
  Originally formed in 1998 by three friends Neil Bell formerly with rock / metal band Saigon, Jeff Fairbank formerly with the hard rock band Fairbank and Matt Pavan formerly with hard rock/fusion band Future Shock. The hunt was on to find a singer that would complement the bands style of play. After an exhausting search of over 200 vocalists, Marnie Anderson came for a try-out. Marnie's great voice and experience with Rick Colbourne in Hard Poetry touring Canada, made the band a reality.

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Remember This 5.01 MB Download
Time Will Lend A Hand 4.75 MB Download

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