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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  scott summers-bass
  josh gifford-drums

General info

  shellyswrist is a threepeice rock group that started in 1997. the music is all about 3 guys who were totally out of their heads and decided to start a rock group. shortly after the band formed it broke up....untill now. these songs survived somehow for 5 years without being played and reapeared out of nowhere thanks to modern tech.,and the band somehow remembering them. we want to put it out on a 7 inch but we could really use some feedback on the mixes........well here they are. i hope you like them and if you dont it dont matter cause we know its post rock will never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Download free music

eldiablo 5.70 MB Download
if this is real 4.85 MB Download

Latest tracks

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