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Sheldon Rourke

Sheldon Rourke
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Sheldon Rourke...Vocals & guitar
  Kirk...Bass & B.Vocals!

General info

  Hungry for real rock 'n roll??? Dangerous fun???...The Stones,Stooges,Pogues,Social D & Guns 'n Roses are part of your daily fix??? With equal parts rock,punk,glam,grunge & even country...SHELDON ROURKE will sooth your cravings for the '70's cocaine-fuelled ROCK...YOU NEED!
  April fool's 1993...Fed up with singers with egos & no songwriting talent...Sheldon Rourke formed The Hoax Inc. & has never looked back...taking over vocals & all guitar other words...taking the bull by the horns! Over 1000 shows played...100's of broken hearts...and an appetite for destruction(& beer)...Pickup MIND OF DESTRUCTIVE's written in blood,sweat & tears!

Download free music

1969 n/a Download
Breakdown n/a Download
Down n/a Download
Falling Apart n/a Download
Favorite Candy n/a Download
Hang Time n/a Download
Hour of Darkness n/a Download

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