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Members of the band

  Matt Stephens - Guitar & Vocals
  Phill Grooms - Bass & Vocals
  Matt Stuertz - Drums

General info

  Started in the summer of '99, Shattered has grown ever since. They started playing in Matt's (drummer) basement, where the drums were kept. From there, they moved on to playing at small venues in St. Charles. After they learned some more songs they played at a few "Battle of the Bands" and then progressed to some larger venues. One of the largest concerts that they have played was in the pacific. This underwater concert had a crowd of thousands of humans, mermaids, sharks, whales, and other sea creatures. At the peak of the concert, a squid attached itself to a speaker and ripped off the waterproof cover, sending hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity into the crowd, and shorting out the power for a few weeks. All who survived say it was a great experience.
  After this concert, Shattered was banned from the underwater world by the SPA (Sea Protection Agency) and was forced to move on. That day an intense debate started between Shattered members as to where they should tour next. Matt (guitar) wanted to tour on the outer regions of Saturn, Phill (bass) was in favor of the "R" solar system, on planets O, C, and K, and Matt (drummer) - [side note: from now on Matt (guitar) will be referred to as Matt-1 and Matt (drummer) will be referred to as Neo-Matt.] was all for going for a tour on the 27 moons of Tranax. This lasted for hours, days, weeks, years, centuries... well actually minutes, until the tour manager came in and decided they would be going to the space ring around Pluto. Their gear was loaded and they hopped in the spaceship and headed off.
  That tour was a great success, drawing millions of aliens from several thousand light years away. (Plutonians are getting angry) Shattered played for countless days straight. (Plutonians aren't happy) Loud and hard to the screaming of many alien languages. (Plutonians have missles) Sadly, the tour was cut short. (Plutonians fire missles)(Plutonians blow up space ring)(Plutonians are happy) Shattered only barely escaped, and was banned from all alien contact by the POTA/OCASI (Protection of the Aliens, Other Creatures, and Space Inhabitants) and was dropped off on earth. Now Matt-1, Phill, and Neo-Matt are left all alone, with only the humans.
  No one say anything about the stowaway!

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Breathe 3.82 MB Download
Broken (Live) 6.24 MB Download
Last in Line (Live) 3.24 MB Download
To Pursue, To Know 3.70 MB Download
Whirlwind 4.15 MB Download

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