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Shane Watt

Shane Watt
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Members of the band

  Shane Watt- vocal,guitar

General info

  Watt's act makes a refreshingly un-sceney brand of indie folk. Or, put another way, his music seems to have willfully missed the innovations of the last decade. The ignorance that would be death in other genres is a great aid in folk: this is low-rent acoustic guitar that cuts to what counts.......
  It seems something so simple but it's as soft and sweet as if it were always here and ever present upon our mind.... It's the music that sounds from the streets, from rooftops in strange cities and in the places we never expected to be but are happy to see....
  Shane Watt is a humble but brilliant composer, musician, singer and master-mixer based out of Montreal Quebec, Canada. He is currently touring the US and Canada with Krista LL Muir well into the Spring of 2008 and has a North American release of his debut album set for January 15th/08

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