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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Shadowbunny is a one-woman electronica project made by Molly l. Phipps. She uses all four Korg electribes, Novation products, Roland products, and many more. She does her final mixdowns using software like ACID 4.0.

General info

  Shadowbunny's music style really isnt to be put into one particullar genre. She mixes everything from jungle, dnb, acid, and progressive house. Even adding a little bit of an "Industrial" feel to it. She has been making electronic music since 1999 & is just now getting ready to buy a professional home recording studio and even more equipment to make the next step into the big world of professional electronic music! If you enjoy her music, please feel free to join her online community. There is a link to it from her website @ . Have fun:)

Download free music

a.t.h.n.t.r.t. 5.48 MB Download
Confusion 5.27 MB Download
Evile House 3.09 MB Download
Sludge 3.70 MB Download

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