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David William

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Members of the band

  David William - Vocals & Guitars

General info

  Europe is the soil. Berlin is the place. Vienna is the Music. Music is the seed. We are coming on the Zion Europa Express. The soil is being prepared, the men and women being tuned. They won't play a note until there is harmony. Let there be Harmony....
  ..This is the time. The cycle is coming around again. Twice if we're lucky. We're perfecting what we never got right first time. Dogs pissing on their territory. The Lion Rastafari has awoken. We give thanks & praises. We are Music....
  .....First I had to get rid of music. The shit, the system, record companies, manufactured to sing for the shitstem. Sex, sex, sex, love, love, love, freedom, freedom, freedom, truth, truth, truth. None of that can be no longer. Fakers are not Music Makers. This Music is coming from a different place, from Space, through a new face. Vibrating from head to toe, you can only feel it not hear it. Ears are for music. This is Music...
  .."You have to touch life at a point where nobody has touched it before. Nobody can teach you that." - U.G. Krishnamurti....

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