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Members of the band

  sonic foundry acid pro 6.0
  fl studio

General info

  basic trance,pop,dance,house,rap, hiphop,alternative beats,witch are made with acid pro and fl studio,i ben making music only a few months now so they´re not pro quality,but i hope you enjoy! and some of the rap beatz im spittin on herre is made by the best beatmakers around tha earf bithcez! but i aint using em fo moneymaking purpose only fo ya entertainment so keep ya shit up!

Download free music

d.c.i-keep ya head up n/a Download
d.c.i-so hot n/a Download
eclipse n/a Download
reality(cut) n/a Download
serioz(serioz ft bad luck.full) n/a Download
serioz-one night n/a Download
serioz.ft anastasia-u got me goin n/a Download

Latest tracks

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