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Members of the band

  Band is gone into hystory of
  other projects.This download archive is still on line.
  Enjoy.Our site is
  for our guitarists web page is

General info

  Sorry but since in Serbia it's not under conditions to work so we had to stop working.I hope that our other projects will sound better.And new band that you will hear soon.
  So till now all of you I will say goodbye but not forever.New band will be much better that I promise so till we meat again and all others that downloaded our songs bye,bye.
  ex-POINT ZERO crew

Download free music

At the dawn we scream (please vote) n/a Download
Demolished (please vote) n/a Download
For all those who have fallen (please vote) n/a Download
Intro+Pod svarogovim nebom (please vote) n/a Download
New Wave storm (better sound) (please vote) n/a Download
Nightvisit (please vote) n/a Download
Slike mojih predaka (please vote) n/a Download

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