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Members of the band

  Joan Morbée - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and Keyboards
  Don Digiacopo - Bass Guitar
  Bruce Uchitel - Lead Electric Guitar
  Vinny DeNunzio - Drums

General info

  Senses is a progressive rock band formed in November 1994 with the emphasis of creating highly emotional, energetic music with no boundaries.....delving into the moods of several different genres whenever the spirit moves one to do so. After surviving two complete personel changes in 95' and 96', the band consisted of just two members, Joan Morbée (vocals, keyboards, and acoustic guitar) and Don Digiacopo (bass guitar), on the debut CD, "Fields Unsown", with the addition of two session musicians, Bruce Uchitel (lead guitar) and Vinnie DeNunzio (drums). The band presently consists of only Joan Morbée with other musicians added as needed. *For a more indepth history of the band, go the main band website and click on "In Her Own Words", located on the band bio page. The music of Senses has been influenced, in some way, by several rock bands, predominately from the 60`s and 70`s, (The Beatles, The Who, The Buffalo Springfield, CSN, ELP, Yes, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull) and classical and new age composers (Copeland, Holst, Vivaldi, George Winston, Enya) to name a few.

Download free music

Burn The Candle Down 5.88 MB Download
Under The Weight of The Rain 5.13 MB Download
\"Fields Unsown\" 5.71 MB Download

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