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Members of the band

  Matt - Vocals / Programming
  Jay - Lead Guitar
  Hudson - Rythmn Guitar
  Colin - Bass
  Patrice Hamelin - Drums

General info

  SENATE is the new dominant force in Canadian Metal.
  Alongside such young, talented heavyweights as Threat Signal, Despised Icon, Protest The Hero and Neuraxis, SENATE are part of a suddenly thriving Canadian metal scene ready to take the torch from legendary acts such as Voivod and carry it into the future on a global scale.
  SENATE combine elements of Thrash, Black Metal, and Melodic Metal to forge an ultra-aggressive, hook- laden style of their own. SENATE is comprised of 5 members: Matt Di Franco (vocals, programming), Jay Siebert (lead guitar), Jay Hudson (rhythm guitar), Colin Lernell (bass) and Patrice Hamelin (Drums). Patrice Hamelin is also a member of legendary Quebecois tech metal band Martyr.
  SENATE recently completed its debut album ‘The Great Northern Scenekill’ at Silo Studio in Hamilton, ON with Producer Julius ‘Juice’ Butty (Alexisonfire, Protest The Hero). The album was mastered at Antfarm Studio in Denmark by Tue Madsen (Rob Halford, Lamb Of God, The Haunted). Bass duties on ‘The Great Northern Scenekill’ were performed by Marco Bressette of Threat Signal

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