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self Delusion

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Members of the band

  William M. Litshauer

General info

  A "one man project", Self Delusion creates an Electro-Industrial-Trip Hop sound with strong, dirty beats and crunchy guitars to create a fresh sound for the listener.
  Similar artists (and influences) include: Massive Attack, Apartment 26, NIN, Velvet Acid Christ, Aphex Twin, Ministry, Deftones, Sneakerpimps, Curve, Moby, Aphex Twin, NIN, Velvet Acid Christ, SMP, Delerium, Crossbreed, Hate Dept., Air, Lamb, Skindive, Ladytron, Hooverphonic, Depeche Mode, New Order, Skindive, Curve, Photek

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barCode 4.37 MB Download
The Wings of Gabriel 5.94 MB Download

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