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Seismic Anamoly

Seismic Anamoly
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Seismic Anamoly - EVH Wolfgang

General info

  The project Seismic Anamoly was started in 2002 by Michael S., who lives in Meridian, MS, USA. Seismic Anamoly has been composing and playing music only since 2000, and his work is done primarily utilizing his Peavey EVH Wolfgang, Millennium J Series Bass, and Indianola ER Acoustic. Seismic's arsenal includes tunes that could be classified as Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Guitar and Instrumental Rock and Acoustic.
  "'Howl At Tha Moon' sounds like a Viking Throwdown. This track manages to be entertaining on sheer energy and heart. This could be the new Indian music,transcendental and good for dancing or meditating while you're ripped out of your brains. The tribal rage will never die. Your playing is all heart and embodies the spirit fully. The style is rendered without the need for fantastic solos or parts. If there were some awesome breaks or beats, differing instruments or passages of different music, there would be more opportunity for glory. But it rocks as is. This is the most straightforward music I've encountered in this genre; call it 'Wordless Rock Groove'."
  (Music Industry Review, - January, 2003)

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