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Members of the band

  Kossu - vocals, Jonesi - drums, Benny - guitars, Moilanen - bass

General info

  Screwgrinder plays alternative metal with some hip hop influences, resulting in a sound similar to the likes of Deftones, Sepultura and KoRn. The band was formed in 1996 by Tuomo and Kossu. Back then Tuomo was guitarist/vocalist and Kossu played guitar. After one drummer the band got Jonesi as their drummer in December '96. After trying to find a bass player Kossu traded his guitar for bass. The band played gigs, rehearsed and released two demos in '98 (Smooth and Room11) which were recorded at their rehearsal place with 4-tracker. In '99 Benny joined the band as a second guitarist. Screwgrinder recorded their untitled '99 demo (Tuomo still playing the only guitar) with 4-tracker and it was released in its entirety at After this Tuomo quitted. Kossu started singing and the band got their current bassist, Moilanen. After the line-up change the band has been rehearsing harder than ever and it has played a couple of gigs. They have also been recording for their first studio recording in the beginning of 2000. The gigs are really the band's best part in their sheer brutality. The band also has it's twisted beautiful side resulting in dream-like guitar sounds.

Download free music

Loungesleeper 2.39 MB Download
Twister 3.20 MB Download
W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. 2.58 MB Download

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