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Members of the band

  Alexander Olshinsiy - voice
  Denis Taranov - guitar
  Yaroslav Luzin - bass
  Anton Bolotin - drums

General info

  Death/alt. metal
   Line-up:А.Olshynsky – vocal/D.Taranov – guitar/J.Luzin- bass guitar/A.Bolotin – drums
  Kiev band “Scorn Age” was formed on August15, 2002 by the guitar players Denis Taranov and Ivan Vinyarsky. After some rehearsals guys started looking for the other musicians to join the group. Shortly Anton Bolotin (drums), Dux (voice), Slavik Cherkas (bass) joined the band. On this strength Scorn Age played its first gig in the Kharkiv’s club “Fort” at the very beginning of May, 2003. Unfortunately Dux and S.Cherkas broke away from the band shortly. A permanent staff of the band was formed with the incoming bass player V.Val’kov and vocalist A.Olshinsky. Starting from this point the band gained a possibility to take part in different gigs. Medzhibozh Extreme Vision festival which took place in August, 2004 and gathered different metal bands from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, became the most serious and impressive event for the guys.
  Shortly before this festival Scorn Age had recorded its first official demo. It contained two tracks “Goat Saved Us” and “Scorn Age” under the title “PROMO 2004”. This record received positive reviews in different regions of Ukraine and abroad and the songs from it were included into the 3 compilations (Wolfsong Compilation vol.1, Total Ukrainian Compilation...)
  All of these things increased the enthusiasm and activity of the band which was reflected in the attempt to create the full-length album. But not all expected things come true. Finally the second demo “Inquisition Of Minds”was recorded. Also the band made a decision to start a search for another bass player. V.Val’kov played his last gig as a musician of Scorn Age on the Chosen Birthday Party where the other local bands such as Inferno, Te Deum, Witch Hunter, Grim Faith as well as a guest band Offertorium from Moldova took part.
  The year 2005 brought significant changes into the Scorn Age’s creativity and music style. The new songs united in themselves the mix of death metal and alt. metal streams with the elements of hardcore. Also Jaroslav Lusin became a new bass player of Scorn Age. He quickly learned the music material and a couple of weeks later played his first concert as a member of Scorn Age in the beautiful seaport Illichevsk along with Tessaract and Blade. A few days later the band played along with Rasta in Zaporizhya and in Kiev with Awoken, Ambivalence, Idol, Infarct Focus.
  During the next half of the year the musicians were in a rehearsal studio and spent all the time creating new songs, one of which called “Provocateur” was recorded for “Second breath” compilation. 3500 copies of it were sold in spite of the absence of famous bands and a stupid title…
  “Scorn Age” played its first gig after a long period of silence in Kiev’s club “Torba”on September 29. Most of all the songs, which the band was performing, were from the new program. The new material was positively accepted by the public.At the end of November the band visited Rivne where it took part in the protest music fest “Proriv”. The most impressive memories were left from the bands Resnullius, Lustri Chizhevskogo and Mangheim Paradox. In December the guys were to take part in the tour over the Belarus together with Apocryphal, Witch Hunter, Gromm, Drama. Unfortunately this tour for the “Scorn Age “was finished on the Ukraine-Belarus border because the vocalist was taken of the bus by the border guards. The other musicians successfully came to Gomel where they played a concert in the instrumental form and then turned back to Ukraine. Then V.Vinyarsky made a decision to leave the band. It was the end of year 2005…
  During some months guys had been looking for new guitar player but finally decided to play as quartette.
  The year 2006 was marked by some concerts. During this period Scorn Age played in Kiev, Rivne, Kherson,Zhytomir, Chernivtyi, Chernigiv, Rechitsa (Belarus), Moskow (Russia) and Nizhnij Novgorod (Russia) at the Fatal Forum Fest -3 which could be called the most impressive gig of year 2006 where Scorn Age had ever played. The best of Russian metal bands such as Fetal Decay, Abnormal, Sordid Clot, Abortarium played in this fest.
  In the 2007 Scorn Age started working on the debut album “Human Factor”. All the album tracks were recorded in the Vulcan records under the management of Shaddar and his brother Slava. The album was mastered by a famous Moskow audio producer Arkadij Navaho (Navaho Hut Records).Also there was the first experience of involving a session musician into recording. Shesha, a vocalist of Kvadradjessima recorded a clean voice track in the “Provocateur” song.
  At the end of February, 2008 the album was finished and the guys have started looking for the label.

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Scorn Age-Artemisia Absinthium Absurdity n/a Download
Scorn Age-G.S.M.S.M.S. n/a Download
Scorn Age-Philosophy of least resistance n/a Download

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