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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Larissa - vocals, production

General info

  Sconce is a music project which I began in early 2004, when I started messing around with sounds on my computer and putting samples together. I use elements from guitar, keyboard, my voice, and most importantly, my computer.

Though my music isn't exactly easily defined as techno, that is the closest genre I could compare it to. It contains elements of trip-hop, techno, and industrial, and people who have heard my music have said that is is reminiscent of Bjork or KMFDM. interesting, since they're nothing alike.

Over the past year I have created somewhere around 80 songs....and will continue to create more, because it is an addictive hobby..

Download free music

Disgay n/a Download
Hunting Season n/a Download
Hydrophiliac n/a Download
Judas Priest n/a Download
Legwarmers n/a Download
Sweating Bullets n/a Download

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