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The Sprague Brothers

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  frank lee sprague, founder/lead singer/guitar
  christopher sprague, drums/harmonies

General info

  the sprague brothers recorded 2 CD's for hightone records, appeared on CBS television, received favorable reviews in Playboy, Rolling Stone, etc.
  2 world tours including Japan.
  Massive airplay. Lotsa chicks.
  Now releasing new and unrelesed material. Check out
  New LP just released!
  "Changing The World, One Chick At A Time" on Wichita Falls Records!
  On El Toro/Wichita Falls Records:
  "Best of the EssBee CD's Vol I"

Download free music

My Tender Heart n/a Download
New Reason To Cry n/a Download
Rock'n'roll n/a Download
She's An Adulteress n/a Download

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