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Savage Gentlemen

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Members of the band

  Count Jabula
  lead vocals

General info

  The Savage Gentlemen, one of the hottest and most controversial indie acts to grace the stage in years. The Savage Gentlemen play a blend of industrial,goth,metal and electronica. The phrase "electro-horror rock" is a phrase which has been used to describe this bizzare and twisted band. The full length CD by the Savage Gentlemen is not only filled with 9 tracks of freakish delight, but there is a video right on the CD itself for the song "Riverside" (further info on the website). The Savage Gentlemen are currently digging into the darkest pits of creativity for new disturbing music and videos. Live performances will be starting up again in the late fall of 2001. Nudity, Corpses, Tranies, Dildos, and overt wrongness is the hallmark of this band. Banned in numerous locations.
  Now check it out and get into them before they get into you!

Download free music

Love's Curse 4.89 MB Download
Riverside 5.12 MB Download
Torture 3.80 MB Download

Latest tracks

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