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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Doug Liebler
Lead Guitar / Vocals
  Jutt Fiutem
Percussion / Vocals
  Mark Fiutem
Bass / Vocals
  Tony Ionno

  Guitar / Vocals


General info

   Drums, bass, and guitar: the foundation of rock and roll and hard rock music. SATIVA describe their music as hard grooving METAL. Formed in Athens, Ohio in September 1993, SATIVA dominated the local music scene with their aggressive vocal harmonies, mammoth guitars and pounding rhythms.
  Tenacity is the driving force behind SATIVA. Song lyrics deliver a message of personal strength and resolve. SATIVA's live performances show just how powerful and determined a pit full of dedicated fans can be.
  After touring the Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Columbus circuit and opening for bands such as Pantera, Cinderella, Dokken and Anthrax, SATIVA packed their bags and headed to Orlando, Florida.
  With Doug Liebler on Vocals and lead guitar, Jutt Fiutem on drums, Mark Fiutem on bass and Tony Ionno on guitar, SATIVA has continued to crank out high powered songs for their third independently released album PARADIGM. Image is getting tired; come back to the rock!

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I Don't Need It 6.27 MB Download
In My Head 4.63 MB Download
When 3.28 MB Download
Whirlwind 3.39 MB Download

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